Denim doc. is the best way for us to make sure that you have as much knowledge about how your jeans are produced as possible. This denim doc. is made because we want to be transparent.

Our ECO SEVEN Jeans are produced by using very low amounts of water and chemicals.

See how we do it in the video below.

Workshop with VIA students

Designer and Co-founder Martin Munch
Designer and co-founder Martin Munch ready to give a presentation.

Last week students of VIA Film and Transmedia visted ECO SEVEN Jeans, at our head office in Aarhus. The students were on a mini study trip with the theme “Sustainability, aesthetics and business in Fashion” arranged by Scandinavian Sustainable.

ECO SEVEN Jeans held a workshop about how we all can make sustainable changes in the supply chain.

The students were encouraged to give their input on the parts: Retailer, Consumer and Recycle. They focused on the importance of the visuel experience in the stores and the opportunity to use virtuel reality to get the message throw to the consumer.

Futhermore they suggested fashion brands to use eco-influencers, and to motivate the consumer to buy less and buy better.

The students comments and inputs.
The students comments on how to reach the consumers.
Inputs on how we can recycle.

Overall it was a very educational day, both for us as an upcoming brand, and for the students.

It is always possible to contact us if you are interessted in an Eco Talk and Workshop.

Concentrated and listening students.
Thank you for a nice workshop.

ECO-TALK the 7th of August

“The processes of use and sustainability in jeans production”.

Come to our ECO Talk at Revolver Copenhagen Int. Fashion Trade Show.

The presentation focuses on sustainability in denim production, where co-founder and designer Martin Munch share his experiences with production of jeans, based on his many years in the fashion industry.

Furthermore, the presentation focuses on the processes of use, and how to give the consumer advice on how to change consumer behavior and patterns.

The purpose is to set a new standard on how to change our habits in production and consumption, concerning fashion.

We hope the presentation will open up for debate and knowledge sharing within the theme of sustainability.

Come To Our Launch!

We will launch our new brand, ECO SEVEN Jeans, the 7th of August at Revolver Copenhagen Int. Fashion Trade Show.

Co-founder and designer, Martin Munch, will hold a short presentation about sustainability in denim production, where he will share his experience working within the fashion industry.

The Time Is Now..

New sustainable brand leaving a light ecological footprint.

ECO SEVEN Jeans, a new Danish sustainable denim brand making eco-friendly jeans.

After many years in the fashion industry, and a lot of experience with production of jeans which does not benefit our planet, we have now chosen to start ECO SEVEN Jeans.

ECO SEVEN Jeans is focused on transparency, where you can see the production of your own ECO SEVEN-jeans.

We will give your ECO SEVEN-jeans a production number so you can look inside your own jeans and then go to our website and see the current production of the jeans you have bought.

We want to demonstrate the whole lifecycle of the production of ECO SEVEN-jeans, from the careful selection of fabric, to how we cut and sew our jeans, and finally the wash process, that are central to making the most sustainable jeans.

ECO SEVEN Jeans concentrates on the product’s origins, sustainable production and transparency.

We truly love denim and will be working continuously to provide you with products of a high and consistent level, made under a responsible business practice with a minimal environmental impact.

Follow us here where you can see our work week by week until our launch in August 2019.